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Mammoth M210

Payload Drop System

Mammoth Payload Drop System is a universal system designed for larger drones and heavier payload. It can carry and release 5 kg (11 lbs) of payload.
It is compatible with all larger drones with PWM output. It has been developed primarily for DJI M 210 and has a specially designet mounting bracket that fits this aircraft.
With Quick installation plate, you can install and uninstall the system by turning 2 screws without the need of any tools.
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Payload Drop System for DJI Inspire 1

STORK Payload drop system is used to help your aircraft deliver a package up to 800g of weight.
Precisely engineered with materials selected for lightness and durability, designed for simplicity, STORK will become your ultimate accessory for pickup and delivery.
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Stork 2

STORK 2 Payload Drop System for DJI inspire 2

STORK 2 Payload drop system is designed to help your aircraft deliver a package as heavy as your Inspire 2 can carry.
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Three hook payload pickup system

Triple hook system for grabbing, picking, collecting items from remote, hard to reach locations.
Combining GRIFFON with STORK is recommended to ensure release in case of trapped hook.
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Floating attachment for DJI Inspire 1

This easily assembled 4 string framed net will allow you to pick-up or carry any robust lightweight load from the ground, be it water surfaces or others. It is designed to simply dissemble and store into the storage tube, saving you space and time of assembly.


Payload drop parachute

The Parrot parachute ensures for safe landing of the dropped payload. Designed for high speed deployment, it will deploy within 3m after drop off, making it suitable for secure landing of payload from all altitudes.


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Product specifications are subject to change without notice.